Storms kill 10, make hundreds homeless in southern Algeria

Office national de météorologie, Algérie
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Storms have killed 10 people and left 150 families homeless in southern Algeria. Heavy rain has lashed the El Bayadh region since Friday, raising water levels by 13 metres in the middle of the desert.


Displaced families have been housed in old factory premises as the storms continue.

The storms have caused damage worth six billion dinars (60 billion euros), not counting homes, regional officials estimate.

Five bridges have collapsed and there has been serious harm to drinking water, they add.

The water level in one desert water course has risen 13 metres, leaving many bridges underwater, according to the civil protection service, which reports that one civil protection agent is missing.

Almost 120 protection agents have been brought in from neighbouring regions to help.

After heavy rain Friday, the national meteorological office issued a warning for Sunday and Monday.

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