Libya's NTC forces close in on Sirte

Anti-Kadhafi fighters move to take over Sirte
Anti-Kadhafi fighters move to take over Sirte Reuters

Libya’s new regime forces say they are on the verge of claiming full control of Sirte, Moamer Kadhafi’s hometown. On Sunday, they seized the city’s conference centre, hospital and university from Kadhafi loyalists.


The Ouagadougou conference centre has become a major objective of fighters since they launched an offensive on the city on September 15.


On Sunday, National Transitional Council military chief Mohammed al-Fayed told an AFP news agency correspondent, “We are ready to take the centre” of Sirte within “a matter of hours.”

NTC fighters tore down portraits of Kadhafi in the conference centre, as well as the green flags that represent his 42-year regime.

At the city’s hospital, the upper floors were blasted as the NTC took full control. Patients were being kept in ground floor corridors, some of them with life-threatening injuries.

According to hospital staff, resources were extremely limited to treat patients.

Thousands of civilians are still trapped in Sirte. NTC commanders have attempted to evacuate as many people as possible to avoid losses from friendly fire.


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