Indignant protests in 82 countries target corporate greed, austerity

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Demonstrators angered by corporate greed and government austerity policies are demonstrating in 951 cities in 82 countries around the world as part of the United for Global Change movement. The protests, first proposed by a Portuguese youth movement, come as leaders of 20 countries meet in Paris to prepare for the G20 summit in Cannes on 3-4 November.


The rallies, publicised on the website, come exactly five months after the launch of Spain’s Indignados (Indignant) movement, which was inspired by revolts in the

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Arab world and French author Stéphane Hessel’s pamphlet Indignez-vous!

Since the Indignados started their protest camp in Madrid’s Puerto del Sol, anti-capitalist protests have spread to many countries, with the US’s Occupy Wall Street movement grabbing headlines recently.

In France, globalisation campaigners Attac have launched an appeal to back the protests, which is backed by 20 campaign groups and left-wing parties.

Today’s events include:

  • Spain: In Madrid five marches will converge on the Cibeles square and go on to the Indignados movement’s birthplace, the Puerto del Sol, for all-night meetings, while ralliew will take place in about 60 other towns and cities;
  • Italy: Demonstrators from around the country converge on Rome to protest at austerity measures implemented by Silvio Berlusconi’s government, which survived a confidence vote on Friday as other protests took place, including the storming of the Goldman Sachs building in Milan;
  • Japan: Hundreds marched through Tokyo’s financial district;
  • Taiwan: Students rallied in Taipei’s financial district;
  • Australia: thousands demonstrated outside the central bank headquarters in Sydney;
  • New Zealand: Almost 2,000 protesters were expected to start a six-week occupation of Auckland's Aotea Square Saturday afternoon, with others planned in New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill;
  • Greece: A planned protest in Athens comes as unions prepare a new strike against austerity policies on 19-20 October and after two days of strikes by public transport workers in the capital;
  • Germany: The Real Democracy Now movement plans demonstrations, notably in financial capital Frankfurt, where the European Central Bank is based;
  • United Kingdom: Protesters will converge on the City of London, hoping to set up an Occupy Wall Street-style camp, despite extensive police powers that could stymie their plan;
  • South Africa: Operation Ubuntu, whose name uses a Nguni word for unity in a common purpose, is organising protests in Capetown, East London, Durban and Johannesburg;
  • United States: Occupy Wall Street demonstrators hope to rally in New York’s Times Square at 5.00 pm with copycat sit-ins in hundreds of other towns and cities;
  • Canada: Protests planned in Ottawa, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

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Events planned around the world, according to
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