NTC to declare Libya liberated as Kadhafi death row continues

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) was set to declare the country liberated on Sunday, amid controversy over the death of former ruler Moamer Kadhafi. The declaration was to take place in Benghazi, the base of the anti-Kadhafi revolt.


An autopsy has been carried out on Kadhafi’s body on Tripoli’s orders, Misrata military council spokesperson Fathi al-Bashaaga said.

The corpse has been on show in a refrigrated chamber outside Misrata.

France’s share of the cost of the Nato operation in Libya was “a bit more than 300 million euros”, French Defence Minister Gérad Longuet said Sunday.

Judge Abdel Salam Baayu said he was waiting for the results on Sunday and that the body will be handed over to relatives after consluting them on where he would buried.

An autopsy was also carried out on Mutassim Kadhafi, one of the former ruler’s sons who capture and killed in Sirte along with his father.

Politicians outside Libya continued to express concern over the circumstances of Kadhafi’s death with claims that he was killed in crossfire undermined by video of the leader being captured alive.

"The fledgling Libyan government will understand that its reputation in the international community is a little bit stained by what happened,” said Britain's new Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.


The long-awaited declaration, which the NTC promised would take place after the fall of Sirte, has been overshadowed by the controversy.

According to the new regime’s roadmap, it will be followed within one month by the establishment of an interim government and elections to a constitutional assembly within eight months.

Parliamentary and presidential elections would then follow within a year after that.

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