Seif al-Islam Kadhafi captured in Libya


Seif al-Islam, the son of ousted Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, has been arrested in the south of the country, a senior National Transitional Council (NTC) official said on Saturday. The International Criminal Court (ICC), which wants to try him, says it is seeking confirmation the reports of his arrest.


Seif al-Islam was "arrested in southern Libya" by former rebel forces, NTC justice minister
Mohammed al-Allagui told the AFP news agency Saturday. That followed an announcement by operations chief Bashir Taib in Zintan, south-west of Tripoli, that his


fighters had arrested Seif along with three aides in the Ubari region of southern Libya.

He was reported to have been unharmed at the time of his capture, although photos show him later with an injured hand, and to have been flown to Zintan, where an angry crowd awaited the plane.

The news was greeted with enthusiasm on the streets of Tripoli.

The ICC issued warrants on 27 June against Seif al-Islam, 39, as well as his father and Kadahafi spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity in crushing anti-regime protests.

Al-Senussi is still at large.

Earlier he was reported to be trying to escape to Niger but may have been trying to organise a return to power and armed resistance to the NTC.

The NTC is expected to name a new government on Sunday.

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