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Church in Uganda tells government and opposition to start dialogue

Reuters/Edward Echwalu

The archbishop of the Anglican church Henry Luke Orombi who is the chairperson of Uganda joint Christian council has said the confrontation between the government and the opposition is not unhealthy for the country and its citizens.


He said it is legitimate on the part of those in government and those in opposition to hold divergent views on various issues affecting the country and they are supposed to use peaceful means,

This has come at a time when the government has banned the works and activities of a pressure group "Activists for Change", terming it an illegal entity,the attorney general Peter Nyombi last week invoked section56(2) of the penal code act and declared A4C an unlawful society thus banning its coordinators from establishing or managing any society for at least two years,

Under the law, any person proved to be a member of A4C,will be jailed for seven years while anybody who disseminates or publishes materials that support the cause for A4C will be jailed for 3 years.

The Uganda law society has also called for dialogue between the government and the opposition as this will be the only peaceful means to get the way forward for the problems that are affecting the country.

The forum for democratic change leader kizza besigye has said the government can ban the pressure group, activists for change but not activism itself because the issues that are trying to rise are affecting a common person

The church's call has attracted different reaction here in Uganda thus most people are calling for dialogue so that the country is not thrown in turmoil like what other countries have gone through and still others are going through, the of people is if this continuous like this it might lead to blood shade.

It is now more than ten years since Museveni met with the man who was his personal physician during the NRM (National resistance movement) bush war that brought him to power, doctor Kizza Besigye, everyone is waiting anxiously to see if all parties will accept the church’s call and met.

The church has dismissed allegations that religious leaders are fighting the government, they have said they are only interested in ensuring that there is piece in the country.

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