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Mali releases journalist Boukary Daou

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AFP/ Habibou Kouyate
By: Pierre Delrieu
6 min

In Mali, journalists have returned to work following a three-day strike to protest against the detention of a newspaper editor there. Boukary Daou, editor in chief of Le Républicain, was released by the intelligence services yesterday. Daou's arrest on 6 March came just hours after his newspaper published a letter criticizing the recent payrise given to the leader of last year's coup, Captain Sanogo. Sanogo now earns 6,500 euros per month in a country where the vast majority of the population lives on less than two euros per day. The letter suggested that the payrise was an incentive for future coups. According to his lawyers, Daou substained physical injuries during his detention. Lucie Morillon, head of Reporters Without Borders' advocacy department in Paris speaks to RFI.