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Boko Haram threatens Cameroon attacks in new French hostage video

RFI/Sarah Sakho

A second video of a French family held hostage by Nigeria’s Boko Haram has been sent to journalists in the region where they are believed to be held. The Islamists threaten to launch more attacks in Cameroon and demands the release of its members there and in Nigeria.


The video appears to have been recorded while French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was visiting Cameroon and Nigeria.

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“We have been held for 25 days in a desert place,” says a man who identifies himself as the father, Tanguy Moulin-Fournier.

Speaking in French and English, he complains of “very difficult” conditions, “especially for the children” and says that the seven hostages will not hold out much longer.

Moulin-Fournier goes on to address Cameroonian President Paul Biya, passing on a Boko Haram threat to increase kidnappings and suicide attacks in his country if he arrests more of their

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members but offering to release the hostages if the group’s members held prisoner in Cameroon and Nigeria are freed.

The video was sent to journalists in Maidiguri, the main town in the area near the border with Cameroon, Niger and Chad where Boko Haram is active.

Nigerian officials said at the weekend that no ransom would be paid for the hostages.

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