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Al-Shebab to launch more attacks after Mogadishu court assault

Reuters/Omar Faruk

Somalia’s al-Shebab rebels have threatened further attacks after coordinated bombings and shootings that killed at least 30 people in Mogadishu at the weekend.


Al-Shebab spokesperson Ali Mohamud Rageh told the media that their fighters will double the number of attacks against the government.

Rageh insisted that the court which his fighters attacked has in the past carried out what "illegal" sentences against his Mujahidin fighters so that this time it has to pay the heftiest price for its role in the "war against Islam and endless brutality against innocents".

Al-Shebab - who are they?

“The Mujahidin figheters will intensify their attacks against this apostate government," he said. "'The attack on Sunday was a clear indication that Mujahidin fighters are still kicking and alive.

"Our martyred did a good job when they attacked this so-called court house which was planning a harmful conspiracy against Islam.”

Al-Shebab will go to every possible length to attain its goal of weakening the government’s power, he added.

Former Somalia intelligence chief Ahmed Fiqi has accused members of the army of having links with al-Shebab and aiding its operations after Sunday’s attack.

“This attack was preplanned," Fiqi said. "And there is no doubt that members of the army were involved in it. They at least gave them tips or information and collaborated with them in reaching their goal and they did”

On Monday, Mogadishu remained on high security alert following Sunday’s deadly attacks.

Interior Minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled  announced on Monday that the security forces of the country will remain vigilant to ensure stability in the capital.

Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has declared a new phase of war to eliminate the "extremists" of al-Shebab .

Mohamud called for the Somali people to assist the security forces in catching members of al-Shebab who are trying to hide in civilian areas.

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