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Allegations against the Nigerian police in relation with the anti-gay law

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Canada has cancelled a state visit by the Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan citing its disapproval of Nigeria's decision to enact a Same Sex Marriage Prohibition law last week. President Jonathan had been due to meet his Canadian counterpart, Stephen Harper, in his first official visit to the country next month. Nigeria is Canada's largest trading partner in Africa. UN Secretary General, Ban ki Moon was among several world leaders to express concern over the law that human rights defenders say is inhumane and draconian. The law also bans gay clubs, associations and the promotion of homosexuality. Those who break the law could face up to 14 years in prison. But the presidential spokesman Reuben Abati told reporters last week that the law has the overwhelming support of the Nigerian people. Frank Mba, Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force accused human rights defenders of making unfounded allegations against the Nigerian Police Force in relation to the new law.

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan (L)
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan (L) Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde