France to send more troops to CAR, Hollande meets Chad's Deby

Séléka fighters in Bangui
Séléka fighters in Bangui Reuters/Siegfried Modola

France is to send more troops to the Central African Republic (CAR) a top defence committee decided Friday. President François Hollande called the meeting to discuss the chaotic situation there and went to meet Chad's President Idriss Deby at the Elysée presidential palace.


As chaos and killings continue in the CAR, Hollande met top ministers to discuss the French UN-backed intervention there.

Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian visited the CAR and neighbouring countries, including Chad, during the week. 

Deby has a major influence on events in the region.

On Thursday Hollande called on the United Nations to speed up the deployment of peacekeepers in the CAR in order to prevent stop sectarian conflict.

In March 2013 the country plunged into chaos following a coup by Séléka rebels, resulting in violence and looting.

France has sent 1.600 troups to the CAR but it has been very difficult to calm the situation, mostly because of revenge attacks between Muslims and Christians.

The Séléka militia is mostly Muslim and about 80 per cent of the CAR population is Christian.




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