24 injured in Calais migrant brawl

Makeshift tent village in Calais, called “the jungle”, 30 April 2015.
Makeshift tent village in Calais, called “the jungle”, 30 April 2015. Reuters/Pascal Rossignol

Twenty four were injured early Monday morning in the French northern port of Calais following a brawl between Sudanese and Eritrean migrants.


According to the emergency services, the fight began after a makeshift tent was torched and the battle quickly turned nasty with iron bars being used.

Fourteen have been taken to hospital.

It’s the latest incident between migrants trying to reach Britain from France.

On Friday, a migrant suffered a gunshot wound following a battle between smugglers.

Calais is the main transit point for migrants, without documents, hoping to reach England.

Around 2,300 migrants - mostly from Sudan, Eritrea, Syria - live in the makeshift tent village in Calais, called “the jungle”.

They wait and try to hide in one of the thousands of trucks that leave Calais daily to cross the Channel by ferry.

In Paris, 400 migrants, mostly from East Africa, have recently set up camp beneath the metro not far from Montmartre and Gare du Nord.

Many are waiting the opportunity to take a train to Calais.

Last Thursday, the migrant camp underwent the first stages of evacuation over fears of scabies.

Although the relocation is not yet known, some appropriate housing is being examined.

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