Ebola- Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

A brief look at Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in tackling the Ebola health crisis


Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone continue to be vigilant for Ebola even as the United Nations mission for Ebola is shutting down its offices across Guinea. RFI takes a brief look at all three countries for an update.



“Ebola is not over until it’s completely over… so we must continue to be very careful. ALIMA is working in Nzérékoré, which is in the Forestier area. We have not seen cases there since March 10, so this is good news, but we’re still very careful on the ground… We must not forget that the hospitals and health centres need to be better, they need to be functioning. Because right now we have the malaria season, and we need to provide medical care to patients for non-Ebola cases.”  Guillaume Le Duc, Communication Director, Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA), Dakar, Senegal

Sierra Leone

“Since that time until now, there have been no signs [of Ebola] here. Specifically, one needs to quarantine to break the chain of transmission… that is why the two communities involved, Matsasebe and Masanga hospitals are presently under quarantine…We are monitoring the situation to see exactly what is happening. We need to provide all the necessary, basic things that are needed in the quarantined homes, [which] we have done, and [what] we are doing now.” Mohamed Sallieu Bah, Tonkolili district coordinator, National Emergency Response Center (NERC), Sierra Leone


“We have formed a mobile team of four people who are going from county to county, from health facilities to health facilities to identify the problems they are encountering, why even some of the children who came to register in the past did not receive their birth certificate. Around 58,000 children in 2014 did not receive their birth certificate… They are solving the problem… and ensuring the delivery of those birth certificates to parents or to the child’s family.” – Dr. Fazlul Haque, UNICEF Deputy Country Representative, Monrovia, Liberia

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