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Gambia-Senegal borders closed by Senegalese transport workers

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The border between Gambia and Senegal
The border between Gambia and Senegal Atamari/CC/Wikimedia Commons

The trans-Gambia highway, which runs further inland, has effectively been closed to cross-border traffic for over a month by Senegalese transport workers. They have been protesting against the sudden tripling of charges to cross the river on the small and unreliable ferry crossing at Gambia side of the border.


A month has passed since the closure of the Gambia-Senegal border. Since then, people hoping to travel between the two countries are faced with major challenges, prompting mixed reactions from the business community, commuters and human rights activists.

The border closure continues to disrupt the lives of many people on both sides. Citizens from both countries are urging their governments to come together to find a solution to the problem.

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