Congo's Paris embassy in ramraid attack

The wreck of the Opel Corsa used to ram the embassy
The wreck of the Opel Corsa used to ram the embassy RFI/Edmée Doudy

Congo's embassy was attacked on Tuesday night by assailants who used a car to break into the building, set light to car with Molotov cocktails and smashed windows and equipment. An investigation is under way. Staff blame opponents of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso.


The attackers rammed the embassy building with an Opel Corsa before entering armed with Molotov cocktails which they threw at a car parked in the courtyard as well as the security post. 

Inside the building they broke windows and IT equipment and tipped petrol on the fire caused by the Molotov cocktails before setting fire to the car they had used to enter the building.

The fire spread to a room located just above the ambassador's office. 

No alarm went off but residents in the building opposite called firefighters who quickly brought the blaze under control.

Congolese diplomatic sources claims the attack was the work of "professionals" and accuse opponents of Sasso-Nguesso of orchastratiing it.

Nobody has claimed responsibility.

Embassy staff say that, although their offices have in the past been the target of protests, it had never been attacked with such violence.

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