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Mouse stops Air France flight taking off for three days

A mouse, not in an airplane
A mouse, not in an airplane CC0 Public Domain
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Passengers on an Air France from Mali's capital Bamako to Paris arrived three days late ... thanks to a mouse in the cabin.


The AF373 should have taken off on Friday eveing but passengers were notified by SMS and company staff that had been cancelled.

A mouse had been detected in the cabin, they explained, and it was feared it might eat wires needed to keep the plane in the air.

The passengers were told they would be able to fly to the French capital on Saturday but after several hours' wait at the airport the flight was cancelled again for "technical reasons".

They were put up in hotels and offered compensation.

The flight finally took off on Sunday, arriving safely in Paris.

The mouse or mice were no longer in the plane, the company said, without specifying whether they had left of their own accord or been dispensed of.

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