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Senegal glams-up farming with reality TV show

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Irrigated rice field in the Senegal River Valley
Irrigated rice field in the Senegal River Valley Wikimedia /CC

How do you recruit 60,000 young millennials in Africa? Through a reality TV game show! In Senegal, Farm Factory will hit the screen this month. It’s the first show of its kind sponsored by a government farming agency to make agriculture attractive again.


To bolster food security in the country, the agency plans to create 60,000 jobs for young people in agriculture by 2019 and lure young people back to the land.

Around 30 contestants will live, eat and work on a farm and get voted off every week until 20 remain for a face-off between two teams.

Emmanuelle Landais went to find out what life on the farm is like before the big launch on 9 October.

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