RFI Hausa correspondent released from jail in Cameroon

RFI's Hausa correspondent Ahmed Abba
RFI's Hausa correspondent Ahmed Abba via facebook profile

RFI's Hausa correspondent in Carmeroon Ahmed Abba, has been eleased from jail after 29 months in detention, his lawyer said.


"Ahmed Abba left Yaounde prison around 9:15 pm (Friday). He has been with me since his release, he is doing well," Charles Tchoungang said.

A military tribunal in April sentenced Abba to 10 years in prison and fined him the equivalent of about 85,000 euros for "laundering the proceeds of terrorist acts" and "failure to denounce acts of terrorism"

On appeal, his sentence was reduced to 24 months in prison for what the authorities said was a failure to identify what they claimed were terrorists.

The Yaoundé military court acquitted Thutsday of laundering the proceeds of a terrorist act, but upheld the sentence for ‘non-denunciation’ of terrorists, albeit for a lesser amount of time.

Abba has already spent 29 months behind bars. With his sentence reduced to 24 months he should be freed soon.

Abba was arrested in July 2015 in Maroua in the far north of Cameroon, where he was reporting on Boko Haram.

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