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Africa: Stories in the 55

Musician examines his integrity in Nigerian magical realism novel Taduno's Song

Audio 11:34
Odafe Atogun, author of novel Taduno's Song
Odafe Atogun, author of novel Taduno's Song O. Atogun

In this month's Africa: Stories in the 55, Nigerian writer Odafe Atogun, author of the novel Taduno's Song, discusses how he believes the arts, which are usually undervalued, could be the key to saving humanity. Taduno, his main character, is afraid of losing his values after making a pact with the despotic government. He explains how society as a whole suffers when an artist is compromised.


Modelled on the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, Taduno, the main character in Nigerian writer Odafe Atogun's novel Taduno's Song, returns from exile to try and save his girlfriend, Lela, from the clutches of The President. Atogun uses magical realism to create a place where people no longer recognize artistic crusader Taduno, but they vaguely remember a powerful singer who criticized the government and put everyone in peril.






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