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African press review 27 October 2018

Text by: Arnab Béranger
3 min

Illegal immigrants in Kenya, South African Fashion Week and a Ghanaian rap star in South Korea. A look at some stories featured in the African press this weekend.


Kenya's The Standard talks about a crackdown on illegal immigrants in Nairobi.

In recent times, authorities have been patrolling low-income neighbourhoods in the city, where crime is on the rise.

The police announced a security operation nearly three months ago.

Ever since, nearly 1,300 illegal immigrants have been deported.

The paper reports that the largest number of people deported are Tanzanian, followed by nationals from Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Also deported were nationals from Burundi, China and Egypt.

Ghana rapper, superstar in South Korea

Ghana's Graphic Online features Sam Okyre - a Ghanaian rapper in South Korea.

Okyere arrived in the country as a student and faced some racism.

Today you can find him on some of South Korea's most famous variety shows

Okyere even has his own radio slot.

He raps in English and South Korean and sometimes in his native language, Twi.

Sam can hardly walk the streets of Seoul without being stopped by people asking for autographs.

He is popularly known as the "most famous African man in South Korea".

Brics fashion and sick chickens in SA

The Star reports on South African Fashion Week that took place over the last two days in Johannesburg.

This was the first collection show of designers from the Brics countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

South Africa was represented by Palesa Mokubung with her label Matsho.

The Mail and Guardian features a piece headlined "The sky has fallen on Chicken Licken’s head".

The article points out South Africa's inability to deal with mass-produced broiler chicken.

Recent research done by the NGO Eurogroup for Animals talks about chickens that are fattened up and slaughtered in just 40 days.

According to the report, speeding up the chickens' growth means they get sick and die.

They are consequenty burnt or thrown into pits, which pollutes water sources.

South Africans eat 20 million chickens each week.

That’s nearly a ­billion chickens each year that are raised and killed.

South Africa's poultry authorities have criticised the government's “limited capacity for disease monitoring”.

The industry is currently focused on trying to get over last year’s avian flu epidemic.

Kidnappings on the rise in Nigeria

Nigeria's Guardian reports a kidnapping of twin sisters while they were planning a wedding ceremony.

Hassana and Hussaina Bala Daura were kidnapped over the weekend in the state of Zamfara.

The kidnappers have contacted the twins’ parents to demand a ransom.

This year has seen a rise in robbery, killings and kidnappings for ransom in the state of Zamfara, with nearly 400 people killed so far.

The Premium Times reports a development on Major-General Muhammed Alkali, who went missing last week.

The Nigerian army said it discovered a shallow grave where the general was buried after he was killed.

The army said the body had been exhumed and buried elsewhere by the killers.

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