Africa2020 Season

African2020 to offer France a fresh, new look at the continent of Africa

Africa2020 launch
Africa2020 launch © RFI English

Focusing on the major challenges of the 21st century, this unprecedented Africa Season is a laboratory for the production and dissemination of knowledge and ideas about the African continent.


Unveiled first in a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron in 2017, the Africa2020 Season will bring together change makers from the continent, inviting them to "tell their own story" in their own words.

Spectators will be offered over 200 projects in the fields of art, science, technology, entre­­pre­neurship and the economy, while school children will also be given lessons on African history.

The Africa2020 Season is a multidisciplinary pan-African project, focusing on innovation in the arts, sciences, technology, entrepreneurship and the economy.  It will promote education as a tool for the sharing and transmission of knowledge.

Video: RFI meets with event organiser N'goné Fall

Africa2020 Season kicks off in December for eight months.
Africa2020 Season kicks off in December for eight months. © Christina Okello for RFI

The Season will also look at mobility, pay tribute to women and address issues that are of paramount importance to young people. The ambition of the Africa2020 Season is to create a global emancipation movement through a sustainable commitment to build on the values of citizenship.

It presents the views of the civil society from the African continent on these issues and its recent diaspora in all sectors. It is also the sounding board for the agents of change who are shaking up codes, experimenting with new relationships with the world and impacting contemporary societies.

Based on the principle of collective intelligence, the Africa2020 Season is an invitation to build meaning together to transcend all the possible futures.







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