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Cassez’s lawyers appeal to Mexican Supreme Court

Photo: AFP/Ronaldo Schemidt
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Lawyers for Frenchwoman Florence Cassez, sentenced to 60 years imprisonment in Mexico on kidnapping charges, filed an appeal Monday.


They say the case violates the Mexican Constitution and universal human rights.

Cassez was arrested in December 2005 at the home of her then boyfriend, alleged Mexican gangster Israel Vallarta, where police found several kidnapping victims who were being held for ransom.

Vallarta has admitted his part in the crimes but has always defended Cassez’s innocence.

Cassez says she was made a scapegoat by Mexican authorities keen to reinforce their stance on the kidnappings that plague the country.

The arrest was supposedly broadcast live on Mexican television, although police later said that it had been reconstructed for the media.

Cassez’s lawyers said the arrest was staged and that police acted illegally, undermining the whole case.

"We're filled with hope that Mexico's Supreme Court will take on this constitutional file, which is also a simple story, a story completely set up with the media in mind," said lawyer Frank Berton.

Mexican police opened an inquiry in 2006 into those involved in the arrest, although no results have been published as of yet.


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