Seven dead in Mexico's fourth massacre this week

Courtesy El Sol de Nayarit /Reuters

Seven people were shot dead in Mexico City in a dangerous part of the capital city, the fourth such drugs-related massacre this week, officials said on Thursday. The killings took place in the Tepito neighbourhood before dawn as a group of people, all in their twenties, were gunned down in a drive-by shooting.


The victims were killed in an apparent dispute between two rival gangs. Police have opened an investigation and are looking at videos to see if they can determine more information on the attackers, according to Miguel Angel Mancero of the attorney general's office.

Drug gangs have waged a massive war over the past few years as they struggle to gain lucrative drug routes to the United States, the world's largest cocaine consumer.

More than 7,000 people have been killed in Mexico this year due to the drug wars, the majority in northern Mexico near the United States border.

Three other bloodbaths took place this past week, bringing the total to 49 dead. Some 15 people, recovering drug addicts, were gunned down while working at a car wash, while 13 addicts were killed at a rehabilitation centre in Tijuana. Another 14, mainly youths, were killed at a backyard birthday party in Ciudad Juarez.

Authorities believe these killings could all be linked to the recent drug bust in Tijuana, where authorities seized a record 134 tonnes of marijuana last week.



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