Hurricane threatens 500,000 in Haiti


Up to 500,000 people could be affected by a tropical storm which is heading towards disaster-ravaged Haiti. Aid agencies are said to be stretched to the limit as they’re already battling with the recent outbreak of cholera after the earthquake which killed 250,000 people in January.


UN needs for Haiti

150,000 tarpaulins

90,000 cases of soap

90,000 hygiene kits

200 tents


Tropical Storm Tomas has been weakening, but forecasters say it’s expected to regain hurricane strength before hitting Haiti on Friday. Wind speeds are expected to reach between 119 and 177 kilometres per hour.

UN agencies have been rushing food aid and supplies of fuel to camps across the country, as they expect areas to become cut off during the storms.

About 1.3 million people are still huddled in precarious tent cities in the wake of January’s earthquake which flattened much of the country.

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