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Brazil orders Air France to pay compensation to crash families

A Brazilian court has ordered Air France to pay 540,000 euros to relatives of a Brazilian family that died in the June 2009 accident of a flight from Rio to Paris. More than 200 people died in the crash.

Agência Brasil

Air France was ordered by a court in Rio de Janeiro on Monday night to pay damages for suffering to the parents and grandparents of Luciana Clarkson Seba, a 31-year-old woman who died, along with her husband and parents-in-law in the accident.

The airline was also ordered to pay Clarkson Seba's mother 2,300 euros a month.

This was the first Brazilian case in which Air France has been ordered pay compensation. It paves the way for future legal claims by relatives of the 228 passengers and crew who died on its Rio-Paris flight, which crashed into the Atlantic.

The airline has paid compensation to relatives through its insurers.

The accident was blamed partially on the malfunctioning of the plane's speed sensors.

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