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Pakistan says US gunman an undercover CIA agent

Reuters/Tariq Saeed
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A Pakistani intelligence official said Monday that an American in custody for killing two men is an undercover Central Intelligence Agency contractor, remarks likely to inflame a crisis with the United States. The US called for Pakistan to free and ensure the safety of the man.


An official from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency claimed Raymond Davis was working on contract for the CIA "beyond any shadow of a doubt".

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US officials declined public comment on the charges, instead saying they held the Pakistani government "fully responsible for his safety".

"We remain concerned about him and our message to Pakistan remains he should be released as soon as possible," US State Department spokesperson Philip Crowley said.

The New York Times reported Monday that Davis was part of a CIA operation tracking Islamic extremists in eastern Pakistan, and that it withhold the information after President Barack Obama's administration said it would endanger Davis's safety.

The newspaper said it decided to release the information after other media had done so.

The US says Davis acted in self-defense when he shot two armed men who approached him on 27 January.

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