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US soldier in Wikileaks case faces new charges

Former Iraq intelligence analyst Bradley Manning
Former Iraq intelligence analyst Bradley Manning AFP / Facebook

The US soldier suspected of handing over confidential military documents to the Wikileaks whistleblowing website faces new charges of “aiding the enemy”. 


US military authorities added 22 new charges against Private Robert Manning on Wednesday. Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, is accused of knowingly giving "intelligence to the enemy, through indirect means."

Aiding the enemy is a capital offence, but the US army says prosecutors would not seek the death penalty for Manning but would opt for life in prison if Manning is convicted.

The US military had already announced 12 charges against Manning in July, accusing him of violating federal criminal and military law.

Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange are accused of putting American lives at risk when they published troves of US military cables and diplomatic cables on the Internet.

Manning’s defense team say they have been preparing for additional charges. His supporters and lawyers have also complained about the conditions of his solitary confinement in a Virginia jail, saying the "maximum security" regime is inhumane and unnecessary.

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