France - Mexico

Imprisoned French woman to appeal in Mexico’s Supreme Court


Florence Cassez, the French woman convicted in Mexico on kidnapping charges and sentenced to 60 years in prison, was to lodge an appeal Monday at the Mexican Supreme Court, according to her Mexican lawyer. The case of Florence Cassez has caused a diplomatic row, as France is asking for her to serve out her term at home.


Cassez’s lawyer, Agustin Acosta, says his client is appealing the constitutionality of her 10 February appeal court ruling, which confirmed her 60-year sentence.

Tensions between France and Mexico have been strained since the court ruling, when Mexico's government cancelled a year of Mexican cultural celebrations in France after French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he would dedicate them to Cassez.

Cassez is accused of being involved in a kidnapping ring allegedly run by her former Mexican boyfriend, Israel Vallarta. She has denied the accusations, and has argued that her conviction was tainted by the authorities who admitted staging her arrest for the media five years ago.

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