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Rio Paris plane crash: second black box found

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A robot submarine has retrieved the second black box data recorder from the Air France plane which crashed into the South Atlantic in 2009, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris killing all 228 people on board.


A statement from the France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis said the flight recorder recovered was "in good condition".

It will be placed in a container of water for protection and transported to the Bureau's laboratories in Le Bourget near Paris, where analysis will begin in around eight days.

The first black box was retrieved on Sunday, after a 23-month search which had cost 35 million euros.

Air France-KLM boss Pierre-Henri Gourgeon said the discovery of the 2 black boxes "justified the unprecedented means deployed by the government, Airbus, and Air France".

The second black box should contain the recorded conversations of the cockpit crew, and perhaps help explain the cause of the disaster of 1 June 2009.

Air France has been accused of not responding quickly enough to reports that the speed sensors used by Airbus might have been faulty.

Air France and Airbus are both being investigated for alleged manslaughter in connection with the crash, which was the worst in the carrier's history.

Specialist teams intend to retrieve other parts of the plane's fuselage which have now been identified in the ocean.

Only around 50 bodies were recovered at the time of the crash but French officials say that many bodies are now visible within the fuselage on the seabed.

Jean-Baptiste Audousset, who heads an association for relatives of the victims says he is waiting to find out when the first attempt to bring the bodies to the surface will go ahead.







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