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Two Frenchwomen found murdered in Argentina

Salta Tourist Board

Two French women have been shot dead while on holiday in northern Argentina, local authorities say. One appears to have been sexually abused.


"They are two Frenchwomen, found shot dead in a tourist area of Salta province," Judge Martin Perez told TN television.

One was shot in the head and apparently sexually abused, her clothes torn, and the other was shot in the back, the judge said.

The bodies of the women, both 30, were spotted Friday by hikers near San Lorenzo hill, west of the provincial capital.

"Salta needs to clear up this appalling crime immediately," Governor Juan Manuel Uturbey said at a press conference at his office.

Uturbey said the victims' identities were known but he did not announce them, though police sources told El Tribuno de Salta newspaper that the women were Houria Moumni and Cassandre Bouvier.

The French foreign ministry said it wanted "the crimes solved, and for those who are responsible to be identified and tried".

The women arrived in Salta on 11 July and planned to stay until 19 July, police said. They were last seen at their hotel, where they had left their backpacks, on16 July.

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