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Snowstorm kills three in northeastern US

An unexpected snowstorm made for a wintry Halloween
An unexpected snowstorm made for a wintry Halloween Reuters
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Three people died in storm-related deaths after the northeastern United States was hit by a rare Halloween snowstorm on Sunday. Up to 78 centimetres of the white stuff fell in some areas, leaving residents across the region without power.



Of those killed, one man died after touching an electrified guardrail in Massachusetts; a motorcyclist had a fatal crash on icy roads in Connecticut; and in Pennsylvania, a man died when a tree fell onto his home.

In New York’s Central Park, an unprecedented 7.4 centimetres of snow fell. The city has not seen so much snow in October since 1869, according to AccuWeather.

New Hampshire took the prize for most snowfall, with 78 centimetres in the town of Jaffney.

The unexpected storm disrupted air, rail and road traffic from Washington to Boston. Multiple Amtrak rail services remained cancelled along the northeast corridors.

Energy companies reported up to three million homes without power, with the worst hit in Massachussetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The snowstorm has fallen upon a region still recovering from August's Hurricane Irene, where heavy rains and wind killed more than 40 people, ravaged homes and caused massive flooding.

However, the snow didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of anti-Wall Street protesters camped out in New York and Washington. According to the AFP news agency, one sign held by a woman in New York’s Zuccotti Park read: “Snow, what snow? I’ve got a country to worry about.”


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