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France - Turkey - Syria

Hollande urges help for moderate Syrian opposition to fight IS

French President François Hollande
French President François Hollande Reuters/路透社
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French president François Hollande on Tuesday called on all countries concerned, including those “beyond the international coalition” to provide Syria’s moderate opposition fighters with “all means necessary” to combat the advance of the jihadists, especially in Kobane. 


“I am launching an appeal here so that beyond the coalition, all countries which are concerned can offer to this opposition the support that it expects from us, that is to say quite simply the means to defend itself against terrorism.”

The president, speaking at the Institut du Monde Arabe, an Arab world cultural and arts centre in Paris, also talked of Kobane, near the Syrian border with Turkey, which he called a “martyr town, a town symbolic [of the fight to try to halt the progress of IS]."

He declared that “Turkey absolutely must open its border so that it might help the fight against the terrorists” referring to Kurdish fighters trying to defend the besieged town of Kobane from Islamic State jihadists.

"Kobane could at any moment fall into the hands of the terrorists," he said.

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