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Paris mayor aims to sue Fox news over no-go areas claim

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo Reuters/Philippe Wojazer

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo says the city may sue US TV channel Fox News for saying there were Muslim-run no-go zones in the French capital. Fox has apologised after an “expert” made the claims but that doesn’t seem to be enough for Hidalgo.


Journalist Nolan Peterson’s solemn assurance that Islamic Sharia law is enforced in parts of Paris where the police and non-Muslims dare not go, sparked derision in France, leading

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the popular Petit Journal to do a spoof war report from the areas he named.

They came shortly after another Fox guest claimed that the British city of Birmingham is "totally Muslim".

Fox has apologised on air for the reports, the Paris claim being part of its coverage of the Charlie Hebdo killings and their aftermath.

But Hidalgo on Tuesday told Fox’s rival CNN that Paris’s image had been damaged and its honour besmirched.

Legal experts say it may prove difficult to take the case to court, especially in the US where restrictions on free speech are less tight than in France.

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