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Hollande calls on US voters to choose candidate who reflects their values

French President François Hollande in La Rochelle
French President François Hollande in La Rochelle AFP

French President François Hollande expressed his "confidence in the American people" to choose a president "reflecting their values", in an implicit declaration of support for Hillary Clinton, on Tuesday shortly after polls opened in nine eastern US states.


"I have confidence in the American people to known which is the choice that best reflects their values, their principles, to freedom, to this relationship with France and Europe," Hollande said on a visit to the western French port of La Rochelle.

The relationship between France and the US is "a relationship forged by history, by the same commitment to the enlightenment, for freedoms, for the values that we have and share", he went on.

Wars and hardship have strengthened the link, Hollande said.

RFI will be following the results of the US presidential election, in which Democrat Clinton slugs it out with Republican Donald Trump, in its broadcasts and on the website on Wednesday.

A recently published book claims that Clinton and Hollande share distant but common ancestors.

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