The Philippines proclaims Benigno Aquino as country’s 15th president


The Philippines has proclaimed Benigno Aquino as the country’s 15th president after securing an emphatic election victory on a campaign promising to tackle the grinding poverty in the archipelago of more than 90 million people. 


Aquino secured just over 15.2 million votes, or nearly 42 percent of the total, according to final results released by parliament on Tuesday following the election on 10 May.

Former president Joseph Estrada finished well behind in second place with nearly 9.5 million votes.

"I sincerely offer my congratulations to my good friend and worthy opponent," Estrada said in a speech read by his son in Congress.

"I am confident that president-elect Aquino will fulfill his campaign promise to address the problem of corruption."

Aquino’s inauguration is scheduled for the end of the month.

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