Thousands cut off by Bangladesh landslides


Recue workers were struggling Wednesday to save the survivors in Bangladesh as heavy rains caused landslides, which killed 53 people and left thousands isolated.


“We don’t know how many people are affected but we suspect thousands may be trapped,” Cox’s Bazaar district administrator Giasuddin Ahmed told the AFP news agency.

Roads to some of the worst-affected areas are buried by mud or are flooded, making access to thousands of people difficult.

This the heaviest rain in decades, officials say, but they expect all roads to be cleared by midday Wednesday.

At least 48 people, including six soldiers, died in Cox’s Bazaar district on Tuesday. Another five people were killed in the neighbouring Bandarban district.

The country’s flood warning centre said Tuesday that 24.2 centimetres of rain had fallen in many areas in the south-east of the country over the last 24 hours.


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