Aquino sworn in, vows to investigate corruption of his predecessor


Benigno Aquino was sworn in as the 15th president of the Philippines Wednesday. He promised to end poverty and to investigate the crippling corruption that he said thrived under his predecessor, Gloria Arroyo.


"Through good governance in the coming years we will lessen our problems,” he said in a speech to supporters. "Our foremost duty is to lift the nation from poverty through honest and effective governance."

Police say some 500,000 people came to Aquino’s inauguration in Manila’s Rizal Park, where Aquino took his oath in front of a Supreme Court Judge.

Arroyo accompanied Aquino to the oath-taking ceremony. But he warned that Arroyo and her allies would be investigated, and possibly prosecuted for alleged corruption and human rights abuses.

"To those who are talking about reconciliation ... we have this to say: 'There can be no reconciliation without justice'," he said.

Arroyo’s 10 years in office were clouded by allegations of vote rigging and widespread corruption. Aquino announced on Tuesday he would set up a Truth Commission to investigate and eventually prosecute the alleged crimes.

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