India – Pakistan

Protests continue in Indian Kashmir, officials hold crisis talks


Hundreds of people in Indian-administered Kashmir took to the streets Tuesday and threw stones at police, defying a curfew and ignoring the region’s chief minister’s calls for calm. Forty people have died since early June, most at the hands of security forces, and each death has triggered more demonstrations and deadly security crackdowns.


"Tragically, we have locked ourselves into a cycle of violence where protest leads to death, leading to further protests and further casualties," Omar Abdullah, Indian Kashmir’s chief minister, told reporters on Monday. "We have to break the cycle."

What India and Pakistan don't agree on

Abdullah met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Monday to address the crisis in the Muslim-majority region, and appealed for restraint.

Abdullah asked the government for more paramilitary troops to enforce the curfew that protesters have repeatedly ignored.

Some 40 people have been killed over the last several weeks, the latest a young man killed Tuesday when security forces opened forces on demonstrators in Srinagar, the main town in the region. Two people were critically injured in Ompora village, outside Srinagar

This latest cycle of violence was started on 11 June when protesters took to the streets after a 17-year-old student was killed by a police tear gas canister.

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