Indonesian police arrested over riot deaths

Michael J Lowe/Open access

Eleven police officers have been arrested over the killing of six people during Wednesday's riot on the Indonesian island Sulawesi, police said on Friday.


Six people died and 22were injured in the clashes between residents and police over the death of a man in custody.

Provincial police spokesman Kahar Muzakir said the officers were being questioned over the death of the detainee at the station on Tuesday as well as the killing of six rioters outside the station on Wednesday night.

Local police officers and their families have been evacuated to prevent more casualties.

Muzakir said security had been restored as more than 500 police reinforcements arrived from other regions, including heavily armed Mobile Brigade paramilitary from Jakarta.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the situation verged on anarchy and reprimanded Central Sulawesi Governor Banjela Paliudju and Buol district Chief Amran Batalipu for failing to ensure security.

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