New Zealand

New Zealand extends state of emergency after quake

Photo: Reuters

New Zealand authorities have extended a state of emergency in earthquake-hit Christchurch Monday.


Authorities said strong aftershocks continued to rock Christchurch following the 7.0 magnitude quake on Saturday, which caused extensive damage estimated more than 1 billion euros.

200 people whose homes were uninhabitable are sheltering in welfare centres
Prime Minister John Key said at least 90 buildings suffered significant damage and many of them would probably have to be knocked down.

Key said a storm heading towards the city could cause further damage.

An overnight curfew has been lifted, but the centre of the city remains cordoned off with police and troops manning roadblocks.

The Civil Defence authority said the area is closed due to danger from falling masonry and glass.

Power has largely been restored in Christchurch, but large parts of the city still have no running water.

Those with running water are being advised to boil drinking water because of the risk of contamination from broken sewage pipes.


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