How many people live in China, six million census-takers ask.


Work is under way to answer one of the world’s biggest questions. How many people live in China? More than six million census-takers have been recruited to try to calculate the answer, which it is thought could be over 1.3 billion.


Complete confidentiality has been promised by the government, although census-takers will be able to call for police help if people refuse to take part.

Officials admit it’ll be difficult to answer the question in part due to the nation’s huge migrant population. Migrants are wary of giving information which could get them in trouble with the law.

It is estimated 211 million people make up China’s floating population – migrant workers who work on construction projects. Many of them have also violated China’s controversial population law, which limits most families to one child per couple.

The count will take a month to complete, before the final answer is calculated.

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