France - China

Sarkozy and Hu agree on monetary reform, adviser

Reuters/Philippe Wojazer

China and France reached a "true convergence of views" on global monetary reforms during talks between their two presidents Friday, a senior French presidential adviser said. French President Nicolas Sarkozy also said he discussed human rights with his Chinese counterpart.



French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chinese President Hu Jintao also agreed to hold a seminar of monetary experts to be chaired by France in China in early 2011.

Sarkozy was seeking China's backing for his plans to reform the global financial system when he takes over the G20 presidency at a summit in South Korea next week.

He has previously called for measures to end volatility of exchange rates and commodities prices. Hu and Sarkozy also reportedly discussed the larger issue of cooperation between China and the whole of Europe," the official added.



The two presidents spent Friday in Nice, in the south of France. It was their second day of talks, after nearly 23 billion euros of trade deals were signed on Thursday.


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