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Karachi attack familes to sue Chirac for manslaughter

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Families of French engineers killed in the 2002 Karachi bomb attack are to sue former president Jacques Chirac for manslaughter, their lawyer Olivier Morice said Friday.


Their civil suit for manslaughter and endangering life also targets former prime minister Dominique de Villepin and former executives involved in arms deals linked to the case, Morice told the AFP news agency.

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The bombing in Pakistan’s main port killed 11 French engineers and at least three Pakistanis. Investigators suspect it was a reaction to the cancelling by Chirac of commissions for officials who facilitated a sale of French submarines to Pakistan.

"Our case is going to target how the decision was arrived at to stop the commissions," Morice said, adding that the suit was prompted by recent testimony from arms executives in the case.

Morice on Thursday called for President Nicolas Sarkozy to be questioned by a magistrate investigating the affair.

The president has dismissed testimony that he is linked to the case as a "fairytale".

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