Widow of Pakistani shot by American kills herself

Reuters/Fayyaz Hussain

The wife of one of the Pakistani men killed by an American last month has killed herself. The 18-year-old died overnight after swallowing rat poison for fear, she said, that the murderer of her husband would be released, as the US has demanded, claiming diplomatic immunity.


After ingesting the poison, Shumaila, widow of Mohammad Faheem, was taken to hospital in Faisalabad, where she declared in front of television cameras that she was upset by rumours the killer would soon be released.

"I was in shock when I decided to commit suicide," she told television channel Dunya. "I want blood for blood."

Raymond Davis, who was a member of the technical administrative staff in the US consulate in Lahore, is accused of shooting dead two motorcyclists on 27 January. Davis claims he acted in self-defence.

He carries a diplomatic passport, but did not have a firearms licence.

The killings have sparked anti-American protests throughout the country. Demonstrators have called for Davis to be executed. The High Court in Lahore has forbidden the government, which is an ally of the US, to release Davis to US authorities.

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