French embassy employee arrested with cocaine in mouth in Bali

Zxc via Wikimedia Commons
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An employee of the French embassy in Thailand was arrested at Bali airport in Indonesia on Saturday with over three grammes of cocaine hidden in her mouth.


Indonesian customs officials say they decided to search the woman, who had just come off the plane from Bangkok, because she seemed to be acting suspiciously.

A customs spokesperson said they carried out a body search and went through her luggage without finding anything.

“But she seemed to be speaking with a strange voice as if she had something in her mouth,” I Made Wijaya explained. “ We decided to continue our search and found where she had hidden the drugs.”

The cocaine, weighing 3.17 grammes, was in a small package wrapped in a small piece of material.

The woman, Kany Keita-Toureh, claimed the drug was for personal use for pain in her back and neck.

The Indonesian justice system is notoriously tough on drugs traffickers, particularly foreigners, and can recommend the death sentence in some cases.

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