Hazare ends hunger strike


Indian activist Anna Hazare agreed to end his hunger strike on Sunday, after his 13-day fast to end government corruption. The parliament’s decision to honour Hazare’s proposals was met with wild jubilation, as supporters filled New Delhi to celebrate.


Hazare, at 74 years-old, looked energetic on Sunday, despite having lost 7.5 kilogrammes during his fast.

Two young girls handed him coconut water to sip before he delivered a speech to a packed crowd in India’s capital, which was broadcast live on national television.

"The parliament in Delhi had to bow down to people power, but our fight does not end here," he said. "We want to bring about a change in the country but within the framework of the constitution.”

On Saturday, parliament agreed for the government to come under anti-graft legislation and to a citizen’s charter increasing transparency.

Tens of thousands packed into the open-air venue in New Delhi daily, where Hazare led his hunger strike. The public backing of Hazare’s cause pushed the government to consider the activist’s propositions.


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