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Typhoon kills eight in Philippines and heads for Taiwan

Reuters/ Hengchun Township Fire Department/Handout
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Typhoon Nanmadol has left at least eight people dead in the Philippines as it moved towards Taiwan on Sunday. With wind gusts of up to 230 kilometres per hour, officials expect the death toll to rise as the strongest storm of the year hits the region.


Five people were killed in landslides due to the typhoon, including two children. Two others drowned while another person was crushed when a wall fell in. Six or more are missing after vanishing at sea or being swept away by rivers.

More than 57,000 people in the northern Philippines fled their homes, fearing floods and landslides.

Nanmadol has caused significant damage to the affected areas, with eight bridges destroyed and 20 major roads shut down.

On Sunday morning, the typhoon was slowly approaching the southern tip of Taiwan and is expect to hit the island by Tuesday.

Taiwan has evacuated 2,500 villagers, according to the Central Emergency Centre. The defence ministry has called 35,000 soldiers to action if needed.

The island region is no stranger to deadly storms. On average, 20 storms hit the Philippines each year. In July, Nock-ten and Muifa killed at least 70 people.

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