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Indian police charge four for kidnapping local Alstom boss


Indian police say they have charged four men for the weekend kidnapping of the boss of the Indian branch of French company, Alstom. The mastermind is reported to be the owner of a clothes shop in a town near Delhi.


Three of the suspects were arrested on Saturday morning after a shootout that led to the release of Astom India boss, Rathin Basu, in the northern town of Meerut.

Two or three men are believed to have escaped after about 70 police stormed the bungalow where Basu was held at 4.00 am on Saturday. He was found in handcuffed in a small room in the building.

A group of armed men had kidnapped him as he was driving to his home in Noida, on the Delhi outskirts, on Friday evening, bundling him into another car and driving him to Meerut, 80 km from Delhi.

A fourth man was arrested in Noida on Sunday.

The mastermind was Noida shop owner, Akhand Pratap Singh, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper.

He was on the spot but in a different car when the kidnapping took place, the paper reports, and followed the kidnappers’ car to Meerut, fleeing when he heard that police were conducting house-to-house searches in the area.

Basu’s family did not receive a ransom demand during the kidnapping.

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