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Afghanistan presidential election 2014 - the candidates

Sardar Muhammad Nadir Naeem - king's grandson withdraws

Sardar Muhammad Nadir Naeem
Sardar Muhammad Nadir Naeem Open access
Text by: Tony Cross
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Sardar Muhammad Nadir Naeem, 58, is a grandson of the former king, Mohammed Daoud Khan, a Pashtun of the Barakzai dynasty.


He fled to the United Kingdom after the overthrow of the monarchy in 1973, returning after the fall of the Taliban to work for his grandfather, Mohammed Zahir Shah.

Running mates:

  • First vice-president, Taj Mohammad Akbar;
  • Second vice-president, Azizullah Puya.

Sardar Muhammad Nadir Naeem withdrew in favour of Zalmai Roussol at the end of March.

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