Two French reported dead in Nepal earthquake

A man sits amid the ruins of his house in Kathmandu
A man sits amid the ruins of his house in Kathmandu Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Two French nationals are reported to have died in Saturday's earthquake that killed some 3,700 people in Nepal and more are feared dead. France was trying to locate some 670 of its nationals on Monday as the French and NGOs were sending emergency aid to the battered country.


A French couple, one of whom worked in the office of Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin, were among the thousands of people reported dead after the 7.9-magnitude quake, Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius announced on Monday.

The two were on holiday and more French tourists are feared to have died, notably one who was seen falling into a river.

"We have located 1,400 French nationals safe and sound and, notably, we have just found eight trekkers about whom we had serious worries," Fabius said.

The latest death toll at Friday midday Paris time was 3,700.

The French authorities are still trying to track down 676 French citizens, many of whom were on holiday, he added.

Another 10 have been injured.

The ministry sent a first team of 11 rescue workers on Sunday evening and hopes to send an airplane carrying aid "as soon as possible", on Monday or Tuesday, he said, and several French-based NGOs have sent workers and aid.


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